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Instructions for multi-track exporting and delivery

My goal is to have all the content needed to easily recreate your most recent rough/reference mix and then improve upon that.

  1. Please print all tracks with the inserts on/engaged. Just make sure gain staging is good so there’s no clipping in the signal.

  2. Feel free to consolidate multiple tracks that make up one source

    1. Example 1: 3 kicks that make up one sound

    2. Example 2: Left and Right guitar doubles can be panned and printed to 1 stereo file.

    3. If you love something then committing is fine! If you’re happy with it now then let’s lock it in and commit!

  3. Please commit any vocal tuning

  4. Please commit any side-chained effects

  5. Please include a dry lead vocal (no inserts or fx) Just raw as it was recorded.

  6. Please ensure all tracks are properly labeled. (Track name only)

  7. Store all files to mix in a new folder. When labeling the folder please also include the Bpm.

  8. Please export all files from 00:00:00

  9. Please ensure all edits have been crossfaded (no clicks)

  10. You’re welcome to include FX returns as well (optional) but ideally, each return is for its own instrument. (i.e. returns for just lead, just bgvs, just drums, etc) That way if I use them and stems need to be printed, I can still use those returns for the stems.

  11. Please include your most recent mix in the multi-tracks folder for me to reference.

  12. It’s often a good idea to create a new project file, drag the exported files in, and make sure all tracks are there and have been exported properly.

  13. Once all files are in the folder and good to deliver, you can zip that folder and either email a download link to or upload here 👉

  14. You can also go to to let me know more about what you’re looking for.

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